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I am self-taught and I am trying to carry out an application that I came up with.
It takes me a long time to do anything because I have to look up the information on the Internet, now I have had a problem that I have been struggling with for too long: I have the following screens:

  1. Screen 1: loading screen
  2. Indice: contains two buttons, which take you to the Brand 1 screen and the other button to the Brand screen
  3. Marca 1:
  • text of name 1
  • text of brand 1
  • label (invisible) joining name 1 and brand 1 called “LDESEOS1”
  • button1 to add to wish list called “DESEO_Marca1”
  1. Marca 2:
  • text of name 2
  • text of brand 2
  • label (invisible) joining name 2 and brand 2 called “LDESEOS2”
  • button2 to add to wish list called “DESEO_Marca2”
  1. Wishlist: listview
    The idea is that when you hit Button1, the text of the label “LDESEOS1” appears in the ListView, and when you hit Button2, the text of the label “LDESEOS2” appears in the ListView below the text “LDESEOS1”

Right now, with what I have, only the last element I have hit the button appears.

Attached the blocks: Screen “Marca1”

Screen “Marca2”
Screen “LISTA_DE_DESEOS” Here I also have some blocks to remove from the list.

Please, if anyone can help me I would appreciate it because I am going crazy.

Do you want to create list view when either of button 1 or button 2 is clicked

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This Guide ,

but , as you are at the beginning, I suggest not creating multiple screens.
Create various vertical arrangement (each one will represent your screen) and hide or show them whenever you want.

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I want the list to be created when any of the buttons are clicked.

I had thought about doing what you say, but I have a lot more “Marks” other than 1 and 2…
I’ll give it a try though, thanks!

Yes, I imagine you have more 'Marks" than 1 and 2, so this way of creating multiple vertical arrangement (not screens) will be more useful.:+1:


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