Listview's "Filter Bar" for Cardviews?

Hello community,

Ive seen a post related but is not the same as the topic I want to discuss.

Basically I need the same exact function that the filter bar does in a listview but for cardviews that I already have. Is it possible to do that?

Im leaving a pic below to show but I want, instead that search list for the example “item 1,2,3” i need it for my cardviews

So for instance if I write something in the “search” bar, if the cardview contains what i am writing, that cardview should appear

Are you using dynamic components to create card views.

You can make a list of the things you are searching and use textbox to take users input and on textbox text changed check if the list contains that user wants and if contains just make it visible and other visible to false.

This blocks are from my project you can refer them.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. I think it is pretty accurate, but how can I do this instead for listview for cardviews? :frowning:

If you are creating this using cardviews then too you must be using some text in cardviews then you need to find index of text in the list

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