Live test not working

live test not working. i tested with different 3 devices and not working. read barcode get txt but then do not anything. nothing change

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There is a dire shortage of details. Which devices? What’s the error? Which browser are you using? What exactly happens? What is your internet speed? What components are you using? Could you share an AIA?

The post templates are there for a reason. The lines in bold are guidelines for you to follow. :slight_smile:


i have used kodular live test yesterday (everyday). everything was good. this morning turned on PC and tried to test something and not worked. there is not problem all of my devices by themselves in one night

We still have no information on your setup. Browser, internet speed, devices, etc.

You should provide us necessary details to help you.

it solved itself. started to running

thank you for attention

If you solved yourself then show what you had did to solve.
It will help other users to find your solution easily.

i did not anything. waited about 1 hour then return and tried. it worked