Live TV app running problem (An error occurred please try again later )

I make a live TV app using firebase database in kodular using YouTube extension.
All is fine but when I try to play any TV channel. There have a message as - An error occurred please try again later (playback id-hsgahfad0287329) as I give screenshot below.
Now do anyone have any solution? How can I solve this problem?
I search in online but there have no solution. So I post here to get help from you guys.
Also if you have some good live TV player extension. Please give me the link to download.
Thank you.

This error may be because the YouTube video you wants to play in your app is not allowed. Because the owner of video has disabled to play videos others that YouTube Platform.

But I don’t use any YouTube video link. I use live TV link.
I think the YouTube extension making the problem. Do you have any suggestion about other player extensions?

Which extension do you use

I used YouTube player extension

Use video extension

Or YouTube embed player extension by deep host

You are using others content in your app from youtube or their website so google suspend your app if you don’t have proper permission from supplier and you can’t place Ads in your app

Can you please give the download link?

This component is already present in modular

Download Deep Host app from play store and search for YouTube embed player component

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Hyy have you got the solution?