Load Items when User Scroll [Advance & Unique]

Give your suggestion for following
Online list load item on scroll should be made with databse

  • Airtable
  • MySql
  • Firebase
  • Other

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I think most of them are ok except airtable, if you have so many data.

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But you know , most of the users are using Airtable brcause its free and easy to use as compared to others

Thank you so much for this!
Congrats on your amazing work.
It worked perfectly in my project, getting more than 500 data from Airtable in a 3 Column Grid that I did with Dynamic Components extensiion (by yusufcihan).
Images are loading fast with DevYBImageLoader extension.

Thank you guys!

Edit: I have a question… what if my list is not big enough to have a scroll at first but it’s dynamic and it will be bigger soon?

In my example I have a list with 5… then If I set the global LoadingContentLenght to 5 and my list receives more values after that, it does not load the other values…

Do I need to have a bigger list first to solve this? I’ve been reading your blocks but I don’t know what I should do…

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Thanks for loving this.

As i mentioned that u should have a separate table with one cell in which u. Should store your total number of elements of list
So when new data gets entered u aslo have to increment this value
And in your app you can run a procedure to check this value at regular intervals if its same as previous then no need to get new data but if it has been increased then u can run your code to get more data and repeat the process

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I’ve got into ur profile and saw that u have an example with Airtable that I didn’t see yet… I’ll check it out. I did mine just changing the variables from this one. Thank you once again.

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yes we have airtable example too

you welcome

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Can this system possible this with Using Deep Host Custom design list viwe extensions…?

Yes its possible
U can easily implement it.
Also u can try another guide of me with which u can also get data from online database too.

@Zia_Choudhary ok Thanks…

Please make tutorial… Where i can do changes… In this block…

can you help me to do it with google spreedsheet plz?

@blueantstudio47 use following guide

is this guide for offline list i want to use it for online

@M_Ali09 Then use the guide i mentioned in above post

Can u plz show me how to do with google spreadsheet plz. For me it showing error

Post the screenshot of error

@Zia_Choudhary what if DataList has less than 5 items on Screen Initialize?

In this case you need to check that

if (DataList  <= LoadingContentLength)
Total of DataList

@gopi yes m already handling it
U can try!!! :+1: U should try my second guide on the very same topic bcz its just a basic one