Loading Screen like android studio

I want this type of loading screen .How can i make it in kodular ?

You can use a circular progress in a vertical layout.
Set the layout to the content of a custom dialog.


Is you sir send me a photo or block ?

where i find custom dialog ?

I do it now .But it look like this

You just did nothing. Add a circular progress in it and make the background of the layout transparent.


is not working when i make this my main screen is going to top and after middle the load is showing .its divide to another arrigment

@cian Is you can make a extention for that ?

I think you are not following the directions properly. The feature is there.

Try again.

@Vishwas and @Souvik_Bera know their stuff. Trust them.

I don’t need to build an extension.


I tried this a while ago and it didn’t work, depending on the theme you always get either white or dark part but never transparent




use lottie animation ( of your choice) and put the animation on vertical arangement and set the background color of vertical arrangement none. then use notifier block [ create custom dialog] and set the component to the vertical arrangement we just created. and all the other values leave blank with an empty text value. and fianlly call the notifier custom dialog on screen intialize and then you are done.

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Can you show us an apk demo


Yeah my bad. Its not working as it should work. Maybe Kodular team can make this color issue fixed.

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Played little with themes and got this https://appetize.io/app/u14qv3zexkzgxddw0vy8jjrc8m however, the other dialogues also become transparent



How I got this I tried every way but I could not find the solution

The Link now opening for me .Is anyone found the solution ?

Then perhaps you could probably hide the vertical arrangement when not required, and show it when the loading animation is to be displayed.
To make it appear above other components, follow this tutorial by @Shreyash :


Yeah, it is transparent. In @alrmailay’s case he/she will have to set cancellable property to true, if he/she uses just one notifier dialog, it should work.


This is possible with my AnyBar Extension:

Also much much more is possible:


When i tell this ?