Location Permission is asked in Hindi

Location Permission is asked in Hindi how to fix it to ask in English I used web-viewer and added a website in a normal website it is asked in English but in kodular app, it is asking in Hindi

In Chrome if I Open the Same Website

Did you enable Use Location property in Advanced properties of WebViewer?


Yes i already did it.

So, your problem solved or not?

Problem is that… The permission asked by the webviewer is in hindi…

If you can share the app… We will try.

Thankyou very Much
Kachoda (2).aia (157.3 KB)
Here’s the aia file

When tested aia , location permission was asked in English. :thinking:

Yes, obviously because you region dosen’t have hindi language. He is in India and therefore by locality/region, the permission is asked in Hindi.


I don’t think so this is an issue.

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I want in english target based audience is in english so plz help?

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If you use normal web version it is asking in english only

Asking me in English…
May be there is something in your device…

No you are on wrong page
When Websites Loads after that click on setup location then click on use your current location refer the image which i have shared.

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You can change his location :wink:

Here is the result I got using CustomWebView extension:

It will always ask for permission in English.
It seems Web Viewer asks permissions in different languages based on country/state.
Also, don’t forget to clear the locations in the extension before loading the page else it will not ask for permission.
I am thinking of adding an event for it so that you can customize the permission dialog.

Thankyou Very Much for Your help Just a small favour share screenshot of blocks i cleared locations from custom webview extension before url its not asking for permission, i m missing something so it would be great if you can share screenshot of block


Thank you for help but it’s not asking only for permission

I used the same blocks as you please help

Please Help