Location sensor has no GPS provider

I see the available providers of location sensor are; (network, passive, network)
But gps was also available. The gps function is no more used? Am I wrong?

GPS only will be available, if you enabled it
How to ask the user to enable it, see the Example App: Get Available SSIDs here App Inventor Extensions: WiFi | Pura Vida Apps


Thanks for the answer.
I read the page already you sent some days ago. But when I see this " Note : Android will get more and more restricted. In a future Android release the AvailableSSIDs method will stop working," I did not try it.

  • I tried it now. Even if the location is enabled, there is no gps under locationsensor’s providers.
    LS-Provider is only network. And it is not efficient enough.

The mentioned example should only show you how to use the activity starter to open the settings for the user to enable GPS…

Which device and Android version are you using for your tests?

Please provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks


here the blocks (actually just one block added to yours)
My device is sony xpreia and android version is 8.0.0

Location_GPS.aia (36.1 KB)

Probably you are testing inside a building and therefore you do not get a GPS signal?

Sorry, I currently can’t look into your aia… a screenshot of your relevant blocks would have been more helpful…


I tried both, inside and in the street. Same result, NO GPS.

Works for me, android 9 , Xiaomi Mi A1

oh, I dont understand, why it does not work in my device.

It might be a device specific issue…
See for example GPS problem | XDA Forums


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Thank you for the link. I read the posts and it seems the problem is my device, Sony Xpreia.

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