Logic for designing blocks for multiple response questions

I’m trying to build a multiple response questions app in which there are 5 checkboxes as options. the user hits a submit button after attempting the question. there can be various combinations of right & wrong answers (practically ranging from 4 & 1 and 1 & 4).
This is not the difficult part.
The scoring has negative marking as well. (lets say a 2 right and 3 wrong answer combination. Right answer awards 0.5 and wrong answer -0.33).
I am a beginner and cant find a logic to design blocks for this.

You can simply do it while checking an answer. If answer is correct, add 0.5 to current points. Else if answer is wrong, deduct 0.33 from current points. That’s all.

I think you’ve misunderstood my query.
There can be various combinations like-
4 right & 1 wrong
3 right & 2 wrong
2 right & 3 wrong
1 right & 4 wrong

Can you add what will be the the points awarded for each? Infront of the combination ?

Wait is this format of JEE advance?
Multiple answer section?

Logic would be same! If user select an option from the pair of 3 right answers, he get rewarded by 0.5 points. And if user select the wrong one, 0.33 points will be deducted. Please do reply if you think I’ve not yet been understood you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not know if it is for JEE advance. Its for a foreign medical exam that I read about.

4&1 === +0.25&-1
3&2 === +0.33&-0.5
2&3 === +0.5&-0.33
1&4 === +1 &-0.25

and vice versa

name of exam please I will see how you want actually to award marks

I am confused :crazy_face:

What is the scoring system in the EDiR examination and how is passing calculated?

The EDiR instructions email which you will receive prior to the exam and the invigilators at the exam centre will say that there is no negative marking for marking wrong options. This means your score for a question can never drop below zero. However it does not mean that you can mark all 5 options to a question and expect to pass. You lose marks for marking wrong options.

This applies to all 3 components of the exam wherever you have multiple response questions with more than one option which may be correct. We will look at a sample question and some scenarios to explain this.

I am giving its mock test wait :thumbsup: :joy:

Ok, I guess I got your query! So just to clarify, let me explain what I understood!

User have to select all the right answers, where right answers > 1 & if right answer < 2, he has to select the single answer.

If this is the case, do it like below:

Make a list of right answers for each question and when user select any answer, check if the selection(s) are available in the list. If all are available, reward him… If any one or none are available, deduct mark.

It is more weird. Their system of marking is confusing

There more cases then he gave

2 Correct 1 wrong 2 not attempted

I am just confused if they get a particular marks for each right question
for example (2 right ans implies 1 marks awarded for each = 2)
(1 wrong mean -0.5 implies if 2 was wrong -1)

But this type contradicts what he said

The thread is now a little bit confusing for me! Sorry for that! :confused: You can drop an example app/video to show how you want to work around with it.

That is for total score for that qn. If it is negative (i.e. the candidate selects more wrong options than right) then score is set to zero. Hence overall in the exam there is no negative marking.
TBH, its beautiful pattern of exam but headhammer for my app building

Simple mate
Just give +x marks for correct option
Deduct Y marks for wrong option
Award zero for unattempted

Now at last use math component sum tool
add X+Y
Use condition If negative set score for question to zero

(This is solution if you are agreeing with this pattern)

Haha. Sounds easy but difficult for a beginner I guess.
I am trying though. Will keep updated.

Had to create 5 separate global lists of answers and assign to invisible label and first matched with checkbox.text and counted number of correct and wrong answers. then again matched with checkbox.text and marking given based on chechbox.checked true for = or ≠

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