Login And Sign Up UI design{[(Free)]}

I have made a special Login and Sign Up UI design

Aia-([Click here]



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Please remove your personal info from your topic (phone number ,etc…) :slightly_smiling_face:if you want any one to contact you then they can pm you :wink: Also provide some screen shots of your design:wink:
EDIT: thanks for removing it :slightly_smiling_face:
EDIT1: why was this topic flagged @moderators :thinking: i think he removed his personal info


Please remove your personal information :blush:

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Why is the topic flagged

It looks like some one flagged it before you remove your personal info, a moderator should unflag it :thinking:

Can you tell me why is the topic flagged?


But i didn’t flag it as you removed your personal info :thinking:
You should wait until a moderator list it again :wink:

BTW, i can’t access your drive, it looks like you didn’t allow any one wit the link to access it :thinking:

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Thankyou everyone