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I have created this aia for those who are new to :kodular: to save their time while
:kodular: oding & no need to give my credit It’s open source

What’s New

  • Simple & Clean U.I


Signup screen coming soon
Login.aia (129.3 KB)

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I don’t Know Englsh :joy:

I know that The spelling of English is wrong​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think that’s great, but I don’t like the word “professional”, because the design is neither professional or not professional.


Great Ui , Best Ui Forever

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:heart: . .

thank you friend very good aia

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But You can use this aia add your own designs but pls appreciate the efforts done by him.


And I think you should be acknowledged that there was a poll asking us whether it’s “professional” or not. It is shown in the edit history.

Great AIA and UI. Keep working like this.

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