New login,signup and reset screen (Free Aia)

Hello everyone,

I am promising that I will try to building one app
daily containing good UI designs and share its aia with you all for free.

Today I have built UI design on login, signup and reset password.

Aia:(Click here)



  • Nice UI
  • Bad UI

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Don’t forget to give comments :sweat_smile:


Happy Koding:kodular:


There should be another option ‘Average’.
I say it is average.
As you are new, it’s good, you need to improve more.

The image is nice but,
It makes no sense if you put a chat messages background image for Login, Signup, and Reset Password.
If the image is taken off, it is not a good UI.

Take inspiration from Dribbble.

Don’t take it as hate, understand and improve yourself.


I have taken this inspiration from Dribble only

U should use some better fonts

Ok Thanks for your comment

Need Improvement your Graphic Quality is not good.

A very nice app. It is looking neat and clean. The UI look and feel is awesome.

Keep koding…
All the best.

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Thanks @Automate_My_Project
Your comments are always welcome :cowboy_hat_face::blush:

Yes I will improve

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The design is good but the background picture is really bad.

You can choose not to see the comments.

Straight forward

Bad points:

  • Image is shrunk ridiculously
  • Resolution of the image is bad
  • Lack of spaces between textboxes and buttons, the ratios are mostly wrong
  • Use of font has to be rethink

Good points:

  • Good use of translucent arrangement
  • Color is quite good
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