[UPDATED] Login & SignUp U.I

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I Have Created This .aia For Those Who Are New To Kodular To Save Their Time While
:kodular: Koding & No Need To Give My Credit It’s Open Source

What’s New

  • Colour Changed
  • Rounded TextBox & Buttons
  • Simple & Clean U.I


AIA file

UPDATED Login.aia (12.6 KB)


Definitely Better than Last One,
A lot has been improved.

But there’s always Room for Improvement.


Thanks!! I Will Surely Improve This One :grin:


Typo Error -
in SignUp Page the Button says LogIn.

Suggestions -

Instead of Going with Bold and Solid Colors,
Try Light and Gradient.

Take inspirations from Dribble.

Use Different Fonts.


Done! I Updated The .aia File & Will Change The Screenshot’s Now :sweat_smile:


As you are new to Kodular and also your age, you did a good job.
But it should be improved
Take inspiration from dribbble

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Ok !! :grinning:

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From screenshots above I can suggest you following :point_down:

  1. Hint color should always be of lighter shade as compared to the color of actual text.

  2. Hint should be small in terms of length. For example Email (or Email Id)instead of Email Address, ‘Password’ instead of ‘Enter your Password’ or ‘Set A Password’.

  3. Reconsider the spacing between components.

  4. Along with using different fonts(as suggested by other users in the community above), also adjust there sizing. Currently the login and sigup text looks much bigger.

  5. You can also add icons to to buttons and beside text-boxes resembling their respective action/meaning. But this would be the last step for me after doing every possible thing to enhance the UI. I would only do this, if it’s needed


Wow, @D_Apps, you made a nice UI. It is better than previous one.

A few small suggestions from my side…

  1. Center Align the heading “Login” to UI.
  2. Make both the text boxes to same size.
  3. Change password hint text from “Enter your password” to “password”.
  4. Change the background colour of the “Login” button to light grey.

Apply the same changes to Sign Up page also.

Then LOOK AND FEEL of UI will be improved.

These are the suggestions only. But not compulsory. If you want, you can apply these modifications.

Keep koding. All the best.


Hi @D_Apps,

I found same post you have created and added Login and Signup Screen with aia and now you have created new post and added updated version of same post.
Don’t post same topic, it’s against the policy if you are updating any app then update the previous post.
Here’s your previous post link -

By the way, good work and keep it up

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This may look good in some cases but not always.
I am saying this because users mostly read the text on screens from left to right. And this, being in the middle would be quite uncomfortable, I guess.
Just a suggestion though :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! For All Your Suggestion’s I WIll Apply Those :grin:

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First, Thanks for sharing your work !!!
Please keep up with the updates on your original post, don’t duplicate the post or you may be suspended ( it’s the community rules ), regards.