Professional Login / Signup Screen [Free, Paid, Enterprise]

Sign Up login screen

with google sign in :eyeglasses:

free version:
Only the design.
LoginUp.aia (71.7 KB)

paid version (4$)
working blocks
P.M. Me :innocent:

enterprise version (10$)
changes to the UI possible
with all features (google, Facebook, phone, Email, more professional)
P.M. Me :innocent:

The yellowish look is caused because of my blu-ray filter :smile:

Thank You,
Pratyush From 4D PROGRAMS LAB

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can you give some feedback why you felt this is bad?
so that I can improve the UI/UX

Because There Is Option Of Bad :grin:

means?? :question:

Nice UI Keep It Up

Thank You @Srrazmi :relieved:

And yeah, The Bad option should also have something other wise it will cry :cry:


So what’s wierd or wrong in that?

The Job is good.
But, UI need need to improve. This background color is not pleasant.


the background is like that because of my Blu ray filter of my phone, I will update them soon

and thanks for your feedback
as writen above

Note: Updated the Screenshots

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and @Ekansh_Pandit @Sonam_Gupta @Jaxparrow @Rose_Mary

Please tell what is the thing you found bad. So that I can Improve the UI/UX

first i dont like that light brownish color it give me strain if i work for 1 hrs
do u see this

a login screen shall not be scrollable else is simplle since theres no option i felt it bad
and have u seen ur letter g
change scrollbaar
add some custom image or color for google
outstreched btn

cardview sizing error

if u say i will improve it
i give u very nice
there lot more to explore here about ui check it and learn
great work @PRATY_PROGRAMME_S_LABS without these errors

thanks for your feedback I will make sure to improve the UI :slightly_smiling_face:

i changed my vote . waiting for v2

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This is a copied one this was already uploaded by another developer.