Login System with Firebase Please Help

Hi Everyone
I am creating PUBG Tournament App have done everything but i have to add password change systemin it so user can easily change his/her password easily.
i have created email login system with firebase database

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It is very simple to make forget password from firebase you have to ask user about any two information he had submitted while signing up
For example:- username , email and password
On sign up create different buckets.
On forget page ask user to fill these details
In blocks you can match these details and if data is matched then new password textbox will appear and user can change its password.
Hope you understand

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i understand it
the problem is that when user select text boxes in which username and email are to be entered
than how to confirm that that the value that he/she entered is true and present in database

and then when he/she enter the new password then how i should save them in my data base

@MuhammadHuzaifa I will send you blocks for it after some time​:blush:

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I also have to publish it on play store and my Youtube

I will definately give you blocks today before 9pm

Thank You broo

but dont use email and password in it use current password instead
Other Wise Thank You

That you can easily change by changing that.
I will give you sample blocks example​:blush:

Thank You

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U said before 9pm is about 9pm when u will give me the blocks

Just. read.

When data is matched new arrangement will be visible and after that you can change password too

thank you
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will this work for individual or whole database

Ihave some Database Like this

where Huzaifa0317 is written is is the username

and password is in sub category of it