Lottie resize didn't work

When i set lottie component without size to automatic it makes the app crash (i set to height 25%, width 50%)

Hello @David

This is a known bug. For now use the Lottie component with height and width set to Automatic. Even height & width set to Fill parent will also not work

Have a look at this :point_down: tutorial by @Mobile_Tech to know more


Please make sure to include only the answer I need. Also thanks for the reply.

What do you mean by this? Can you explain?

He answered your question pretty well.

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Mean I’m only reporting/asking solution for a bug. Not asking for tutorial.

You could be more polite. ProKoders are expected to be respectable and responsible.

Instead of skimming through the answer, try reading all of it. @Vaibhav gave a very comprehensive answer to your query.

Nevermind. Thanks for the advice.

I only tried to gave detailed answer, so that your query is satisfied and you don’t have to look anywhere else for the same.

But if you don’t want it then let it be. It’s your choice and I will think before answering to you fron now on.

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