Lucky Patcher In-App purchase hack bypass

Just a quick question, you probably heard of Lucky Patcher. It is an app that “hacks” the app, after that you ca get in-app purchases for free! It doesn’t work with online games, tho. So…how can I make my Kodular app an online app (where users can play against each other) and bypass that “hack”?

Run your code where others can’t hack into ie, on a server. This server will verify every transaction happening in your app.

So like I should have a database and when the purchase is completed I add like “completed” to the database and then I check if the word “completed” is in if yes verified if not hacked?

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Yeah, also you should save user’s app/game data to database. For example: Game Level, Gems, Coins etc.

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You must use an independent online storage system that cannot be modified by data after a patch is applied,

You can also implement a data integrity checker. You check the values are consistent with an equation you build. For example the coins cannot be > 2000 if lvl < 3.

In addition you can look at using my extension . (it does not work for all luckypatcher instances, however it does catch some). I just updated it the other day.


How exactly do I use that extension for checking if it’s hacked by Lucky Patcher?

well it does not work 100%, but it is the check for Dangerous or Root APK blocks.

Or even better, because my app will be published on the Play Store, to check if it’s installed from there.

Use the certificate check blocks in CertificateToolsHP Version 1.0

To make sure the app has the original certificate and has not been double signed.

I will incorporate those blocks into HackProtect in the next few days.

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