Lucky Patcher In-App purchase hack bypass

(ONT Studios) #1

Just a quick question, you probably heard of Lucky Patcher. It is an app that “hacks” the app, after that you ca get in-app purchases for free! It doesn’t work with online games, tho. So…how can I make my Kodular app an online app (where users can play against each other) and bypass that “hack”?

(Pavitra Golchha) #2

Run your code where others can’t hack into ie, on a server. This server will verify every transaction happening in your app.

(ONT Studios) #3

So like I should have a database and when the purchase is completed I add like “completed” to the database and then I check if the word “completed” is in if yes verified if not hacked?

(Yusuf Cihan) #4

Yeah, also you should save user’s app/game data to database. For example: Game Level, Gems, Coins etc.

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(Cian) #5

You must use an independent online storage system that cannot be modified by data after a patch is applied,

You can also implement a data integrity checker. You check the values are consistent with an equation you build. For example the coins cannot be > 2000 if lvl < 3.

In addition you can look at using my extension . (it does not work for all luckypatcher instances, however it does catch some). I just updated it the other day.

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(ONT Studios) #6

How exactly do I use that extension for checking if it’s hacked by Lucky Patcher?

(Cian) #7

well it does not work 100%, but it is the check for Dangerous or Root APK blocks.