Make a List Spreadheet problem

I could not do it friend :frowning: I need to send some data to airtabe.
there are 4 labels . if a client choose first product first labe is appearing like ’ First product - price’
for second ’ Second product - price’ if only one is choosen the others are being inivisible.
When I send data to air table. I dont want these two empty strings to appear.

What do I need to do ?

global variables data = create empty list or make a list ^?

when button.clicked
for each
call.spreadsheet.create row

I have these components.

Check you column name…

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Add a column name do not make it blank. Otherwise :airtable: will not work

column name is correct, but if reloads it disappears

any reloaded data disappears by itself
is that a bug?

In Airtable to upload data it is better to do it by completing the whole row. If you put the data in one column and leave the others empty then you will not be able to get the data.

In your example you have not put the name of the column

as I said before, this is gone by itself. I entered the name of the column, but when it was refreshed it disappeared