Make a multi game app

Can anyone give me AIA files (User & Admin) as like above mentioned apps?


I think those are useful:

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Those are single match host apps but I need multi host app. Means in that app I create tournaments of PUBG, Mobile Legend, Apex, Fortnite, COD, Ludo etc. Does anybody has this types of AIA files?

If you haven’t found one, you should try to modify the ones Daniel sent !

@dhoncoin ,
I can make you such app, message me personally or you can hire me at

Can you make that kind of AIA files for me?

As I can also read in your other Thread Help me on my app it seems to be that you are not willing to do some coding yourself.
You just ask others if they could do the work for you.
But this is not the right way. The meaning of this community is to take and to give.
Help in blocks and code will always be given if the question is as clear as possible with screenshots of blocks and so on.
But I see you should really start to learn coding yourself, do some tutorials and get familar.
And after then may ask for help and tips here and there…


I love people which wants aia files from other people to put their name in it and some ads and publish it.
Do your own work, why should a person gie you his developed app? , that you can earn money with it?

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Check your inbox.

Ludo game Ais

If you want someone to make a aia for you then change the catagery to to #marketplace
And also tell your budget.