Make a vertical arrangement with components visible inside another specific Vertical Arrangement on event


I am trying to create an app and I wanted to show a a vertical arrangement which has a set / group of components inside it, in a different vertical arrangement.

For eg:
I have a logo image and the app name label inside a verticalArrangement1. I have created a verticalArrangement2 with a verticalArrangement3 and few clickable labels that becomes a side menu using the screen.SideMenu layout.

I want to show verticalArrangement1 inside verticalArrangement3 when screen.sideMenuOpen.

I also require the same logo and app name to show in a custom about dialog and custom help dialog that is created using the notifier.createCustomDialog. Currently I have created seperate verticalArrangements with logo image and app name label and added to the component part of the notifier.createCustomDialog. This works but I fell its a repetitive action and can some how be managed with a dynamic component.

Is it possible to create a verticalArrangement with few components ( such as a logo image and app name label) to show up inside another vertical / horizontal arrangement of (in my case) the sideMenu, aboutCustomDialog and helpCustomDialog. This way if i need to change the logo or the text of label or add sub text, I will only need to make change to the original verticalArrangement.

Any thought / suggestion to overcome this repetitive work.


In short you want to make a custom side menu layout… am I right?

Hi @Alapjeet

I am able to make custom side menu. I am also able to make custom dialog using notifier. Its just that i am using an image and a label placed inside a vertical arrangement for side menu and the same image and label placed inside another vertical arrangement for custom dialog. Its the same image and label and i have to create multiple copies to use it.

I also intend to use the logo label combo in all the custom pop up dialogs / texts boxes, which could result in like 5-6 copies of same image label vertical arrangement. I have placed it inside vertical arrangement as it can be plugged in as layout while creating side menu and component while creating custom dialogs.

I am thinking, maybe make the image label vertical arrangement as a dynamic component (card or arrangement) which can be accessed and displayed (inside an arrangement solely to hold this) when the side menu is shown or when any custom dialog is shown, as and when called. Is this possible ?

I have made a basic aia file with the requirement. Hope it helps.

logoHelpFile.aia (3.0 KB)