Make an app like Google Lens

Hi Koders!
I was making an app like Google Lens which would take a pic, read the text present in the photo and set a label text to whatever the result is. I did look for OCR component but couldn’t intergrate it properly. Also, there aren’t much tutorials or articles for the same. Can anyone help?


You can use js with Google images

I’m not sure how i can do that

I made such app using js and Google images, will share the aia tomorrow


Great! Waiting!

Reverse_Image_Search.aia (10.2 KB)

sorry was busy yesterday , here is the aia you can try


I think it returns the name of picture object

if i am not wrong google lense does the same thing

you can try this also

Hi, I had a doubt in your app. What does image url exactly mean here? You mean we have to copy the link of the picture from Google and paste It there? Can you share few sample links too?


Yup the image address, just search an image on Google right click select copy image address and paste the address in the textbox and then press search after that it will tell what’s in the image

Oh Okay. Thanks

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