Make Folder for my Projects


Does anyone knows , how we can create folder in main page of Kodular Porjects??

It is not possible for now to create folders in kodular creator!

Why you want folder i have above 50 projects and i used to delect unused ones

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Because, it’s nice to have properly maintain one project code with backup within single folder,.

I found out how to make one guys! Create a new folder on your desktop from your desktop, then download all your AIAs in one .ZIP extension, BOOM! You have your folder. The most useful tip I’ve given so far :sweat_smile:

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i want folder on makeroid not my pc :slight_smile:

I want is not a word what the team wants to see. The same with: I need , please fast, do it, and all other words and sentences what sounds unfriendly. I sounds better, i would like to have, or, this would be a nice ferature, Maybe the team can implement it. Than i think, your chance to see that, maybe in one of the next updates, will be higher.