Make instant from milis add 30 minutes!

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hi . i have problem with clock make instant from milis .its add 30 minute automatically to my properties in kodular .but i dont have this problem in appinventor . plz fixed it. tnx

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#aia file :player.aia (2.6 KB)

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Can you show your blocks? And it would be nice if you show result when you click “Do It” in block editor.


There is a reason all these sections are there. If you dont fill them out, we are going to ask the questions or ignore it. So please fill out the answers.


i updated post with showing blocks and aia file . tnx

You are in a “half-hour time zone”. Format Datetime is formatting datetime according with your time zone. I don’t think it’s the most appropriate function to use in this context.

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Simply use call Clock1. Format Date Method instead of call Clock1. Format Date Time Method. It must be correct.

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yes i fixed that , tnx

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