Make json in list, with color and region...

Hello community,

I need make a simple app, with JSON:

In JSON file has :
1: {

  • n_id: “179904”,
  • c_regiao: “NACIONAL”, region
  • c_estado: “NACIONAL”,
  • c_uf: “”,
  • c_cor: “#eee8cd”, color
  • c_titulo: “Aeronáutica do Brasil”, title
  • n_titulo: “Aeronáutica anuncia Processo seletivo para nível médio”,
  • c_link: “https://blalalalalala”,
  • c_link_api: “https://blalalalalala”,
  • c_vagas: “220 vagas”,
  • c_cargos: “Sargento da Aeronáutica”,
  • c_formacao: “Ensino Médio”,
  • c_data: “18/03/2020” date

In only JSON file has 10 or more info, like above…

I need put infos like this:

For each info, has a color using color code: * c_cor: "#eee8cd

How can i organize JSON like above?


Hi there
Sure you can. You all you need is to create a JSON array and then add an array item per record (using the info as you got it already) without the number. Have a kook at this likn to for example of JSON Array structure and usage:
As per your list… Are you using HTML?


No, it’s old app make to show json in list… i think it is not a html or web view… Can Kodular show JSON like pic above?

It can but you may have to use a extension. Have a look at the colintree custom listview extension as is very flexible and free!