JSON LIST in my app

Hello guys JSON for me is very hard to understand…lol
Ok, i need put a list of code in JSON and get result in app:


Ok, the best idea is create a JSON array in PHP and after show in app with webview?

To parse json there are many extensions available, check puravidaapps.com


Yes I do like that. However, I remove my content from a database, transform it into Json via PHP and show it in a ListView.

You just asked the same question before and I kindly reply to you. Reading your question here again, is kinda annoying as seems like I wasted my time. Secondly seems like you really need to sit down and: 1. Learn about JSON, 2. Read about design and how to implement your app correctly. If you’re thinking someone will come up with a solution ready, good luck and lastly, you need to seriously do your homework.


I’m sorry I just ask about opinion how it’s the best way to put JSON um my app, your reply is very good and help me take a decision… you don’t wasted your time here…
My homework is think how I will build a app…started a long time by another developer…


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This will help you.

Hi Claudio,
Apology accepted and thanks fo that.
Coming back to your app, the best option is to generate your JSON as an array.
Then using the JSON component from Kodular, traverse the array, getting the info you need from the array item and adding it to the listview component.
Heaps of tutorial about building the listview with Kodular and search the community for what you need as has heaps of info. You can keep asking n this thread and I’ll try to reply to you as soon as possible.

You can use json formatter for seeing nested objects in tree from and easy to trace

For this you have objects in object

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