Make "make a List" Block Useless

I have Found a samll trick. So that you can make “make a list” block useless. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

some time when we use make a list block then if we have 3-5 listitem then we make easily. but if we have more than 5 Listitem then it’s Take Lots of time, Lots of Block and also reduce your browser speed.
Screenshot (54)

solution : if we use “list form csv row text” block and then use string block
And Write ListItem on string block Like This

if you have very big listitem then use spreadsheet and type ListItem on Column, Select all listitem and copy
Go This Website and convert your text in row text

Time Save: Unlimited
Block Reduce: Unlimited
Block Complexity: Reduced

And Finally Thanks for reading.

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Thank you for your nice contribution to :kodular: Kodular guides. Greatly appreciated.
This will help many users.

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Thanks for the Guide!

keep up the good work

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Good job…Keep it up…
It will really help ‘basic and new’ users…
Fun Fact:-
This method is very complex in code but very simple in Blockly and you know how slow is Java


For equivalent names with numbers you can use it like this too


Yes, this is easy way for equivalent names

Thank you for your help. But if I’m using a lot of card_view in spite of text. How can I make a list (long list)

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Right click this huge make a list blocks and select internal inputs so it’s size reduces no need of CSV (only my thought)
Also we can create empty list then add items(only my thought)

Amazing Guide… Never thought about this :laughing: