Make random code with letters and numbers

I can do this with numbers

The character is not

Is that a question?

Be clear please, what are you trying to do, how long do you want the resulting code to be?

Yes it is question?

I can do this with numbers

The character is not


Is what you said a question?

I want to choose a random letter from A to Z

Just one letter? Uppercase lowercase? If more then one letter do you want it repeating? If so how long do you want it to be.

You have been on here long enough to know how to ask a question. Please provide the details so we can help.


I cant help you, because you wont answer my questions.

Letters are NOT integers.

A list of letters and random the list

I meant the same idea

How to take one letter from the whole


Do some research, and answer questions that helpers ask. It is frustrating when you dont.


Thank you for taking care of me

And if you want to select more things, add them to your list like
Also, to make it more random, shuffle the list sometimes (AppyBuilder ListUtils extension)