How to Generate Random Alphabets and Show in Label?

I Want to Generate Random Alphabets and Show in Label but I do not know how to do this and I am also new in App Inventor Platforms So, please help me.

Thank You ! In Advance

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You can do it easily by the help of this Block :-



Thanks for your answer wait for 2 min I will check it out

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It’ll only show one random word.
And what if the random number is 0 what will be the value?

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Yes, the random integer should be from 1 to 26

You put it in a loop and then you join the new selection to the existing Label Text.

You can also add a function to randomly make it upper or lower case.

random integer 0 1, if 0 then lowercase Selected.Letter


Yes this would help… It would be better if you provided the blocks screenshot :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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