Makeroid Best Alternate With all features

i was developing an app which i needed to complete as soon as possible i have the project file how can i proceed with any alternate site like makeroid

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AppyBuilder… For now. You cannot import your aia, however they have basically the same blocks as Makeroid and a few more features, like progress bars, etc…

I thought the same, but each component has less blocks in AppyBuilder :appybuilder:. The most notable component with lots of blocks missing is Notifier.

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No Spacer, no App Pause/Stop/Resume… KitchenSink is great though. Copy/Paste and detect keyboard status is very good.

I am talking about the Label and Image conponents… Not any other component!

Well, I think Appybuilder don’t have the “Clickable” property for Labels…

No… It does! Check out the latest release at

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ye No Spacer, no App Pause/Stop/Resume kha pr hai

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