Makeroid builder concept

Here is a concept I made of a better Makeroid builder with more Material Design. It is inspired of Google App Maker and it uses the new Makeroid logo!


Wow :open_mouth:, really great :+1: concept!

So clean, so material.

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I like it, but where is the components list and where is the assets list?


Maybe they’re down somewhere :))

I have to go with this material design because, it fits with the community! How’d you make it?

The best stuff I liked about this concept:

  • The components view (this way it looks better @admins)
  • The colors are not only named as “Blue”, “Red” etc. but “Blue 700”, “Red 700” etc. from the Material Design Color Palette (I know that the colors on the builder are selected from the Material Design Color Palette and not that, I like that the naming also includes the number so we can choose and use it easier.
  • Of Course the new logo :slight_smile:
  • The small lines that seperate the buttons, icons and the logo at the top.
  • The colorful Google Pixel (it would be good to see the new Google Pixel 2).
  • The fact that you removed the color from the donate button at the top. This way it looks better with the other icons.
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From what I can understand, the components view is toggled from the 3-dot menu at the top right of the layout editor. Nice work!

Look closer

The button is yellow for other reasons.

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This concept is looks way way better than current Makeroid’s user interface.
Btw, @Vishwas, in this concept, the phone is Google Pixel and not Google Pixel 2.

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@Ben’s right.

To see the components list and the assets list, you just have to click on the back button of the component properties panel.
And the 3 dots of the layout designer are not for the components but for the display properties (show hidden components, change device…)

Our builder already uses the Pixel 2.

This topic is about a design concept for Makeroid builder and not a discussion about current design.

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+1 for change device :smile:


Just a quick question, where is the add screen, remove screen and etc. buttons and also, where is the help button (to learn more about components)

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The add screen and remove screen buttons are in the components list panel which is accessible by clicking on the back button of the properties editor panel.
I didn’t think about the help button but it could be displayed when hovering the component (like the current Makeroid builder) or by a right click.

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These controls will prove to be problematic on Android. I do 98% of my Makeroid work on my Tablet. Already the context menus and hover functions are hard to reach.

I personally feel that a lot of primary actions are hidden deep in the interface, and can be designed better.
Other than that, it looks dope


Check out what I made:

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The Design doesn’t fit the Material Design Guidelines. The colors, typography.

Please follow the guidelines while designing a concept: