Makeroid Companion Error 1103

I am trying to use the TEST mode while building an App and the companion would not work. It is showing an Error;

Error 1103 : Unable to post or put the text “key=397e956de42b0fb430aecc74c7aa63ac2dca7ccd&ipaddr=” with the specified URL:

Can anyone provide any help?

My Companion App version : 1.0 Andromeda

I’ve just tested and it’s working fine for me

  • Make sure the connection wasn’t reseted, changed or disconnected
  • Make sure you are connected to the same WiFi from your PC/laptop and phone (repeaters sometimes doesn’t work)
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i also face same error i use my mobile data and my pc also run with mobile data so is any problem . companion also not work . I update latest companion still show error . thanks

Can you check if you have a good internet connection ? Because Error 1103 usually occurs when there is a problem with your network.