Error in Makeroid Companion

I am trying to connect my application to fellow Makeroid but I get an error:

There is only a single block that was a test of the device tools copy function, otherwise layout only.

My android is 5.0.1, Gran Prime Duos and this is the last version of the companion.

I think you mean Makeroid Companion. :thinking:

Try to re-install the companion apk complete fresh.

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I did this but now the application for, can it be in some component?

Yes, sorry, I’m translating with the translator.

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its also the case with my android 5.1 ; it will work on live test but won’t for the final parshed apk. So i use mit appinventor companion for that. That was my case i hope yours wont be same and just caused due to minor problem / asset.

This has just begun to happen on all companion’s.

Disconnect WiFi on your phone and on again after a few seconds, maybe restart companion as well and refresh the page.