Companion error: undefined

Greetings, after Update of October 2018, makeroid companion don’t work with my project; 3 day ago all worked correctly.

First error is:
Runtime Error
Error from Companion: undefined

and after a few second:

Runtime Error
invoke: no method named `WithIconFromMaterialFont’ in class java.lang.Boolean
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Is the companion on your device up to date?

Yes, the companion is update to Butterfly 1.1, 4october 2018 the phone taked new release

Try to make a hard refresh on the builder.

I make a hard refresh on chrome on the builder page but the error is the same. I download a new browser(opera), and try to run makeroid but the error persist.

Do you have update today the companion?
Because we release today a short bug fix release

Yeahhh!!! The Update with fix is arrived now on my phone! The error is Disappeared and the companion work greatly :smiley:
Many thanks Mika your’re great!

W Makeroid :blush:

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