App presents message: error from companion undefined

Describe your issue

app presents message: error from companion undefined

Steps to reproduce the issue

I open my project, using the companion and a cell phone, I scan the QR code and the error appears.

Expected Behaviour

I expected to open my SIDE MENU.

Actual Behaviour

On my mobile phone only the top title bar appears and it gives error in the screen of the notebook

Show your Blocks

and second error

Android version


Make sure you use the last version of companion

I uninstalled and reinstalled via Google Play makeroid companion 1.1.3. Still the same error occurs.erro%20companion%203

Please share apk and what happens on a real device?

I use notebook to access my projects and use a g4 bike smartphone to see my app running.
On the smartphone, only this window background appears behind the error message. Blue title bar with the word Condominium.admcondo.aia (62,7 KB)

I also get different errors when opening a project

When hiding a FAB:

Opening a side menu:


@Mika, * ListView component causing a critical error ( Null Pointer Exception ) was the cause of this error message ?

Sorry, I’m without the smartphone and I could not test.

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