Runtime error component not found

when i starting makeroid builder after some time it showing runtime error

Because we had never such a component with that name

i have given this name to horizontal scrollable arrangement

Then I dont know what’s wrong.
I never use the companion. When I test then as apk

use this block and not a text block

i have tried your suggestion but showing same error

& i have tested this file 4-5 hrs before but there no error

Can you provide some screenshots? Of your block’s

Entertainment is Horizontal sroll arrangement

Do you use more entertainment block’s or just these ? I can’t see anything wrong

Right. there is no error in blocks. Because i have tested it before with same blocks.
but now it showing this error…
i have backup file(.aia) it working with same blocks. there is no problem.

I don’t really understand what you’re up to…
Have you tried to pick the variable “selection” instead of the block Spinner.Selection, and the Entertainment block instead of the text block

sorry i cant provide .aia
all blocks are correct because, i have tested it with this blocks.
& i also have backup file. which i have saved yesterday.

now i’m going forward to work with my backup file because it working correctly just i want to do some work again.
Thanks to everyone

:grinning: Keep Backuping

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