Makeroid Activity Starter Component Problem


i think Makeroid Activity Starter Component error after build APK

A few days ago its working good, But now it is having problem

The first apk I created was running correctly, but new build APK not working properly

AIA File - Open_PDF_File.aia (146.3 KB)


Thank You !

Call “Start Activity” after setting the properties

You mean call activity starter should not be given together

But this does not work as well

AIA - Open_PDF_File_1 (1).aia (146.5 KB)

I mean the order of stack.

yup, put start activity below all other block (data uri, data type data action)

I Have a similar problem, when I use in a small app just using the button it is work without any problem, but when I use the same button on other app more complex it show the error “Runtime Error” and ask to End Aplication.

This block works perfectly in an App just with that, if I try to use in other app more complex that doesn’t work and show the same error.

Would be possible that any timer is working and that could cause the error?

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i Created a Simple PDF Viewer Extension, Then Now this Error Fixed

Where do you find this PDF_Viewer component?

Deep_Host, do you create this extension? I’m using the Taifun extension but I need one that works on Android below 5.0