Companion not working

On Makeroid Companion App v3.0.1, the companion won’t connect to the Makeroid Builder.
Companion tested on a Samsung Galaxy A5 and a Nexus 7 both with Android 6. Builder tested with Firefox 57 / Edge 41.

I know a brand new companion is being created but it may take a long time before it’s released so it would be nice to have a fix until the new companion comes out.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Open any project in the Makeroid Builder
  • Connect the companion with the QR code (connecting with code doesn’t work because the companion accepts only digits and the code contains letters)

Excepted Behaviour:

The window with QR code close after the connection and the companion shows the app content. (Normal behaviour)

Actual Behaviour:

The window with the QR code doesn’t close on the builder. The companion displays a toast with the code but stays stuck on the companion home screen.

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Try this


Thanks! This version of the companion works perfectly :grin:

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Happy to see this… After the next release (may be by next week with some bug fixed), you can install the companion from the playstore.

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What?! Since a few minutes, the companion APK from @Diego doesn’t work like the old one. I tried again the Play Store version and tested the companion APK on other devices and it still doesn’t work!
Has anyone encountered this problem ? It seems to be a server-side issue.


What Android version?

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Android 6.0.1

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