Makeroid Companion is now live at Play Store!


(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #1

Well, I think that the title already describes what the topic is about :sweat_smile:

Makeroid Companion is now avaliable at Google Play Store! :tada:
Lots of users asked where to download it, now it’s in the biggest app store

HockeyApp will be deprecated in a few days


Installed it at once :+1:

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #3

Important Notes:

We had to change the KeyStore which signed the Companion to upload to Play Store

Please, uninstall any previous version downloaded with HockeyApp, or Play Store will detect that the app wasn’t installed with them; consequently new updates won’t appear

(Ssoftccold Java, Android & Unity Programmer) #4

Very good! :slight_smile:

(Furina) #5

i send error feedback :slight_smile: i hope this helping u


We hope that our next version of the companion works for api >= 14

(Abdul Mannan Khan) #7


(Sunshine Developers) #8

make a update that without wifi or usb cabel ,
it can run on internet directly


What do you mean?

(Federico Morrone) #10

I think he means a sort of server that makes the builder and the companion comunicate Without using the same wlan connection