Makeroid ... Do you want an Arabic translator ؟

Makeroid Team …
I am ready to assist in adding Arabic to the site. I am ready to translate.
If you want contact with me on " [email protected] "

SohaibShaar ( From Syria )

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Our translation server is at There you sign up and start translating.

Thanks for helping

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Welcome :heart_eyes: Under the auspices of God


When are you going to start translating?

Arabic My native language … but I have learned English since I was young .

No, when are you going to start translating “Makeroid”?.

If you have time can you start translating now?

Yes I have the time but I do not know what the mechanism is, and how can I
help you ?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Makeroid Translation Center (
  2. Choose Makeroid in the list.
  3. Choose Arabic language.
  4. Start translating from English to Arabic. (The English phrases will be on the left and the Arabic ones on the right, you will understand how it works.

But before you start translating, you will need to create a onesky account. Keep doing the steps I’ve written above. You will be required to create an account.

You will understand :slight_smile:.

Please let me know when you experience something unexpected or bad.

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Thank you, I will start now

I have just finished 400 sentences (about 17%) I will complete
tomorrow, God willing


Oh, great.

Please keep me updated here as you complete the translations so I can approve them.

Well , I will work and do my best to end them tomorrow, God willing

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16.9% completed. Good Job. Keep up the good work :+1:.

Today it’s not finished, but hopefully in the next days you will be able to finish it.

@SohaibShaar It’s more than a month, and it’s not finished yet. Have you stopped translating?

Last seen Jan 14, Activity Zero. The guy is gone.


Saw that :frowning:.

Hello, my name is Mohamed, I am an Arab and I am well, English. I can complete that if you allow me

If your understanding is better than your writing, maybe you can