Makeroid Lagging - What To Do?

Recently Makeroid has started getting bug reports about the builder lagging and running slow. The only solution is right now to wait it out or clear some useless blocks up and try to pack features in but, make the design nice. They are as likely as not working on a fix (50% Chance). If you’re gonna post anything about the builder lagging and being unresponsive from now on, search it up first. They’ve said this (including others and I) about other posts that are being repeated, one I am going to talk about is AdMob. Please wait 48 hours (2 Full Days) until your ad is activated by Google! Again search the topic to make the community clean, it will help us to find topics more easily then wasting our time and searching, if you have one topic for an app already (As I think @Diego and @Sander pointed out) do NOT create another topic about it unless you’re given permission by one of the Developers or Admin here. Just to point it out one more time search the topic before creating a new one! -Thank you and have a great day


Personally, using Chrome, Makeroid Builder freezes each action for about 3 seconds. But I have no lag using firefox :slight_smile: