Makeroid Relaunched 🎉

They require you to keep their app installed too.

No. I downloaded the apk without any problems

Makeroid Companion.apk (9.9 MB)

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Thanks guys for all the help.


They can release the firebase store extension to work on your platform, it is very important, but it did not work after the update.

The Copy Screen is original from Punya Framework they only copy their code and implements it in makeroid

It was already said here…

And we already added to the Release Notes…

How do I access the new version?

for me it is only available at 1.0.1

i don’t know if i can send a link buut here is the punya builder

Why should you be not allowed to do so?

And, anyway, Punya hasn’t been updated since May 2017

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I did not know if I could put links to other external sites to makeroid haha.

And yeah that’s right , i just wanted to inform I did not know what was in the realease notes sorry haha i can delete my post if you want.

Yes, you can :sweat_smile:

Doesn’t matter :+1:

I say the link to makeroid 1.0.2

That’s good, thanks for all and sorry for the mistake of the release notes :sweat_smile:

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When a new version is released we always use

If you want the release notes, here they are:


@Diego Late to realize this but he asked for a link to 1.0.2 because you still didn’t update the splash screen and as 1.0.2 don’t have any visual changes he thought that 1.0.2 was 1.0.1.

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Now waiting for next update :grinning:

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Isso mesmo :sweat_smile:

I am waiting for the 1.0.4 :smile:

We haven’t released it yet because we found a way to improve builder performance :sweat: