Making a list. I need help

Hi everyone! I’m pretty new in kodular and I need your help.

Can anyone tell what’s wrong with this code?

Btw, this one works properly:

May be you can tell us what is the purpose from your code…Do you want to check if the number is in this list?

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Set the numbers list in the for each item block instead and then the if block.

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do you mean if the global number matches any of the number in the list, returns true? If yes, use contain list item block.


Yeah! That’s exactly what I want to do. But I don’t understand the solution. Is there a block which named “Contain List Item Block”? I guess? If so, I can’t find it though…

in the list blocks you will find a block named Is in list not Contain List Item Block


Thank you so much! It works

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Oops, mixed up with text blocks :sweat_smile:


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