Malicious extension

This extension works in the companion. Why is it now malicious? It´s this extension used to get Google Advertiser ID. It seems like Kodular is censoring extenstions when reading through similar posts, how can I stop this?

Look at the second last Post:

Reason is it uses some of admob sdks to get gaid :cry: but after fenix, if ur aix uses any component of Admob sdk like aix uses play-services-ads-identifier , gms-basement.jar, it will be flagged malicious


This one is used in my GDrive extensions. So what do I do? (only if what you said is right) :thinking:

Just tested a blank aix with play-services-ads-identifier.jar, its being detected as malicious,

let me test for gms basement too :thinking:


Yeah I saw that, but how can we get the Advertiser ID? Somehow the pollfish blocks are able to do that, why not we? Couldn´t I just rewrite the extension to not use AsyncTask?

The extension is flagged as malicious is not due to AsyncTask!

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