Malicious extension found

Remove the admob ads extension and your app will work

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Any other way

But I need it

Ads Extension are not allowed in Kodular.

Use In-built Ads component for monetization.


But I have not used external I used in built

Post the image of the extensions you used in your project !!!

It will not show such error for inbuilt components.

show screen shot of all your extensions

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Very Correct @Anu10 .:+1::+1:


:joy: I proud to my Kodular security system, No admob extension work after fenix update, No illegal extensions are allowed to Kodular


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Now the error got fix but now it is just showing white white thing it is not showing the a


Ad not showing

please use the in built ads components and upload your app to playstore if you upload your app to playstore then you don’t need to ask for approval


@Bhuvan_Manocha1 What is your app about?

It is about class’s 8 math but now it is showing ad ad in test but not in apk

Share your apk let me see ads are loading or not

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Uploading: Brain_Buster2.apk…
Here pls helppppI have put the add component on the second screen

Upload your app properly

It is not downloadable.

@Bhuvan_Manocha1 please upload your app properly make sure that it is 100% uploaded before posting

However if you have used ads in-built component but check whether the extension is in your project or not

Send screenshot of this to show which extension you have used in your project :point_down: