Material Cards background color

Is it possible to change somehow the background color of Material Cards, instead of white, which is default and so far as I know it is the unique available color?

What is the problem you face when trying to change background color?

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Do you mean CardView by Material Cards?

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I assumed so.

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It is Cardview by Material Cards.The problem is that I just do not know how to change the color. Maybe when I tried I didn’t see the block with that function. Sorry by that anyway, If It was the case. Can you guys tell me how to do that?

You mean card view extension.

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Yes. I said very correctly the name of the extension and I don’t intend to repeat it again doing free-post. Maybe now it’s time to people finally start answering the question…

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There is no such option.
In simple you cannot change its background color.

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Why didn’t you say extension in the first post? It would been much easier to find the reason.


This is not the kind of language we want to see. Users are helping in their free time so you should be grateful if someone helps you. If you respond like you did next time maybe there wont be anyone who is willing to help.


I apologize for my behavior. It was not my intention to insult anyone, if that was the case I wouldn’t have created an account here in the community, as I understand all users of the community are here to help and to be helped. Thank you guys very much for your help.

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i tried but only arrangement background color can be changed not card view ones

What have you tried?

You should read this post:

Let assume you have used vertical scroll arrangement for card view extension.Then background color of arrangement does not matters it will be white by default.
In short,
Color of arrangement does not matters after using card view extension.

I cant understand what you said
There is one way to change
That set screen 1 background color
And set arrangement background to none
And you will see a background

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