How to disable card view

Here i am trying disable fullclickable in cardview but its not working


Even though I unchecked Fullclickable

I also tried this method but same result

It will only disable full click not clickable, like if you are having any component inside the card view then when you click the component you will see that the full cardview is clicked, but that’s not that , you only clicked the component inside the cardview…hope it help’s…i know it’s a bit confusion :sweat_smile: but you can also read this Card View - Kodular Docs


You can also set touch color in Card View to transparent. That way the user don’t see they could clicked anything.

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Did you try this to see that it doesn’t work? Or is this just a wild guess?

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I just suggest to set the touch color so that the user won’t know if they clicked or not because there isn’t any touch feedback.

But I didn’t said it will be disabled just by that.

Apply a bit logic, with the Dynamic extension from @yusufcihan to set card touch color or get property touch color. In when card view clicked, if…else

It should work.

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I didn’t mean that. Setting the touch color to transparent will not work, however setting the background color of the card to transparent will… Which doesn’t make sense because then what’s the point of even having the card?


Really? I have been using this method for a long time.

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Really? Because when I test in built APK and companion, it still doesn’t work. What blocks are you using?

@WatermelonIce, your “cards” also look like buttons.

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I have 2 games and I have set the touch colours to transparent but it doesn’t work.

The only thing that works is setting an image inside the card but I don’t want that.

Touch color are only in the advance properties in designer.

Therefore if you want to set the touch color of it programmatically, you should using the set property of dynamic component extension.

Guys, I finally get it.
My method only works if Full Clickable is set to false :frowning:
Sorry for inconvenient if you need Full Clickable

And you should the touch color as the same color as the background color


The only thing I can think of is to set a transparent PNG? Or a PNG that you want the color of the button to be?

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I use card views (with a label inside them) as buttons with text on them so I can’t use images unfortunately.

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