Maths: how to restrict input to specific values

Hello kodular community. I’m a newbie and I need your help.
I sincerely apologize for any grammatical errors that you may find in this text, as I am not a native English speaker. And to comply with the rules regarding the language of the community, I had to resort to the translation tools for some sentences. Then it’s a machine speaking for me Rss…
Going to the subject:

I’m studying statistics and I found a practical and quick way to solve an extensive and exhaustive exercise of 6 tables with formulas, through an app.
The app I want to create will have data entry restrictions: In each line the values ​​of the 2 text boxes cannot be simultaneously 0 and 0 or empty and empty.
It only admits combinations of two values ​​whose sum is greater than or equal to 1.
So, I built the entire structure and blocks using some variables and it was possible to block the input: empty and empty. I now need to block input 0 and 0.
So that later it is possible to calculate the totals. No glitches in programming logic.

The almost complete app already does all the calculations until the last table with only natural numbers, the tables after this one in the image contain formulas, however they will be simpler to calculate if the data entry restrictions in table 1 are made.

Therefore, I ask for a little bit of your time to help me assemble the blocks to stop the combination of values ​​not allowed in the app.

Maths.aia (40.6 KB)

test this and try to apply the same logic to get succeed…

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Wow! this extension is very practical. Note 10 for setting up a table. In the logic it was possible to block empty and empty and 0 and 0 that was missing. I liked the task you left for me. Rss.
Do you have a tutorial that explains how to use this extension? I think after that you can mark this forum as finished. Because the explanation was given 100%. consummated. Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to help someone. Amen.

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Hello #still learning#
Interesting your aia file.
how can i contact you?

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