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Hello and happy new year to all. I have a question, do you know the maximum number of blocks that can be added on a screen? I am doing a Quiz or Trivial application and will have about 1500 questions approximately. They are type test and I do them through lists. It will have many blocks due to the questions and answers and I would like to know if it could be done on 1 screen what is all the mechanics of questions and answers or should be fragmented into several screens and that they will be called randomly when playing.

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then you are doing something wrong… you have to separate logic and data
see an example here

A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features

see also



Thanks for your reply Taifun. I know that something I should not be doing well but I don’t know how to solve it, the issue is that the Quiz not only has questions and answers type text but also asks about images or sounds. For example what song is this and you can hear a fragment. That is why I discarded the use of tinyBD. I thought about using artartable but it doesn’t apply to sound nor do I see blocks to be able to bring the rows associated to the questions randomly. Nor do I have knowledge of SQL to be able to do it using SQLite. In the end I set an example with few questions through lists and if I can have all the functionalities that I need, but of course the issue is what the example commented on right now are few questions but when they are many I don’t know how the screen will react. Apart from that even if it worked, I don’t like it very much if I don’t have the external questions and answers to be able to update, remove or put in and other functions. But my knowledge does not reach more.

Is this extension something you could use?

Hi Peter, seeing that extension, it’s just like I have my example set, the questions and answers are stored in lists that in turn are stored in variables. This is how it works perfectly, my only doubt is to know that as my Quiz will take about 1500 questions approximately, if it holds the screen so many blocks or there is a maximum number of blques that can be put in the logic of a screen.

You shouldn’t use blocks. You can use firebase for the questions or you can put all questions and answers in a csv file. The extension can read a csv file and do all the work for you. Never used it myself so you should test if it works for you.

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Thanks I will try to see if I am able to make it work with a csv file with my little knowledge.

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Let us know how it goes and if you have any further questions you know where to find us.

which means you have 3 different type of questions:

  1. text
  2. sound
  3. image

no matter how many questions you are using, the number of blocks always remains the same
if not, you are doing something wrong
separate logic and data!


I use firebase is a similar way. CSV lists on firebase for truck numbers, links to registration images, spreadsheet ID numbers so maintenance records can be tracked per truck number. The CSVs are easy to pull and turn into lists, update or change and convert back into CSVs to put back into Firebase.

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