Mi first App! Suggestions?


My App name is El Mundo Musical

It’s my first app that I publish on Google Play. It’s for listening my songs and for receive important notifications of my YouTube channel.
If you suggest me things that I can improve, you will help me a lot! :relaxed:

Download link:


Good job… Nice app

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It’s so simple. I need suggestion. I don’t know what more to add :sweat_smile::blush:

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I am unable to understand the app features…
Due to language… So no suggestions

It has a main function that opens when you click on the musical notes, where you can see all the songs that I have created on Spotify and below there are three buttons to open social networks. In particular, the one on youtube shows you the most recent video that I have uploaded

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Cool… I like it…

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i like it i think it has 1 music else you can keep updating songs slowly and steady
great app

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Yes, I have created more songs, but I’m waiting that my discography approve them :blush: